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Breed 77

A band that originates from Gibraltar (although based out of London).  They play a raw hard-hitting, gritty metal, with modern influences and some nice vocals but still with a base of traditional hard-edged rock.



Released: 20th April 1998
The Message, Downer and Choice (written by D.Felice & P.Isola)
Produced by Andy Sneap & Breed 77
Recorded at Ripley Studios
Household Name Records

VOLUME ONE (also known as the KARMA EP)
Released: 20th October 1999
Rise & Valium (written by P.Isola & D. Felice)
Karma & Zero (written by D. Felice, P.Isola & P.Chicone)
Produced by Breed 77
Recorded at Hatch Farm
ORG Records (ORG070CD)

KARMA CD (Debut album)
Released: 10th December 2001
Shadows, Rise, Switch, Breaking The Silence, Karma, Floods, Final Prayer, A Safe Place, Fly, Eyes That See, Know That You Know & The Hole.
Infernal Records (INFERNAL9CD)



25th April, 2002 @ The Charlotte, Leicester, ENGLAND
Also with Torna-k, Ikes Kansis, New Hole In Her Head and Beg To Differ

19th Dec, 2000 @ Rock City, Nottingham, ENGLAND
Supporting One Minute Silence and also with Mudvayne.


Breed 77 - Vol. 1 EP