... Hundred Reasons ...

This is a very fast rising band from Surrey only formed in late 99' from the remnants of a local cult band Floor, but are very quickly getting a strong reputation for playing excellent, British metalized hard rock that includes amazing melody and shape, with superbly well written and crafted songs.

Colin Doran (Vocals)
Larry Hibbitt (Guitar)
Paul Townsend (Guitar)
Andy Gilmour (Bass Guitar)
Andy Bews (Drums)

It was after only a reported three gigs that the band were signed to the Fierce Panda label.  They released a widely acclaimed debut single at the end of July, 2000:

Hundred Reasons - Cerebra Single The Cerebra Single

1. Cerebra
2. Clear (Flawed)

On Fierce Panda Records (ning99cd)

There sound is incredibly mature and overflows with ability but also retains the important energy and power with the latter of the two tracks being my favourite. 

Another song I have heard is an excellent track called Different.  I find it quite reminiscent of Tool, but don't let that fool you into thinking that they are just another clone outfit, because believe me they clearly are not.  You will be staggered by their varied mix of sounds and styles from song to song, while always staying heavy. 

Watch out for these blokes they have just got to break big!   If they don't, then there just isn't any justice in this world...