Release Date:
8th April, 2002

Produced By:
Dave Chang & JOR

Recorded By:
Dave Chang

JOR  'Blunt'


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1.CYPHER  2.E.A.D   3.OPEN-A  4.DICE


Loudspeaker have again unleashed some vigorously violent nu-metal on this rather splendid album by Oxford’s JOR. At times it’s reminiscent of Vacant Stare, but containing far more raw aggression and less attention to melody (a little like Vacant Stare used to be). What JOR have created could be thought of as developed hardcore (in a Vision Of Disorder kind of way), bursting with anger and overflowing with undiluted energy, determined to entertain and maybe frighten just a little with a Snot style viciousness.

It’s powerfully forceful throughout with both the grinding guitar sound and those screaming vocals keeping things on the boil. There is also an occasional One Minute Silence influence that can be found in the jumpy beats and intermittent rapping megaphone vocals, that echo their tick-a-tape message in several songs.

An album of hard, heavy songs that rarely ease up but actually concentrate on attack and giving the listener an aural beating. This is an impressive quality debut that shows great promise from such a young bunch of blokes and it leaves you hoping for even better things to come as they gently mature.

Rigsby (23rd August, 2002).
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