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Stegel Live Picture
Based in rural Hampshire, Stegel were formed in the summer of 1998 originally as a four piece, but after playing various local gigs they decided to recruit a second guitarist to balance the sound.

Steve 'Bri' Hill (Vocals)
Kierz Heighes (Guitars)
Laura O'Sullivan (Guitars)
Daz Hutchins (Bass)
Martin C (Drums)

Laura became the fifth member and joined the band early in 1999. Stegel have started to build up a strong and loyal fanbase and have been playing gigs consistently around the country performing their own blend of progressive, sometimes melodic hardcore.

They have made quite a number of releases over the last few years, the details being:

Angharod EP
(Cat N' Cakey Records CNC001)
(Released Dec 2001 - £6.00)

Track listing:
01 Bhuna  02 Batman Costume  03 Mister Fight-Boy   04 Barada Nicto
05 Bernie's Hair Machine  06 Bluff Toni  07 Quaerò  08 Nimium

Reviewed by Rigsby

Recorded at Warehouse Studios (Kennington, Oxfordshire) - September/October 2001
Mixed at Warehouse Studios (Kennington, Oxfordshire) - November 2001
Produced and Mixed by Steve Watkins and Stegel
Engineered by Steve Watkins Mastered by Tim Turan
Mastered at Turan Audio (Oxford, Oxfordshire) - November 2001

Overton Special (Very Special)
(Released 2000 - £5.00)

Track listing:
01 Expeto  02 Factory  03 F.O.C.  04 Albino  05 Arecibo  06 Vivienne

Recorded at Outhouse Studios in Reading on the 8th, 9th & 10th April 2000.
Produced, engineered, and mastered by Ant Carr and Scott Esson (from Ainey).
Mixed by Scott Esson (from Ainey) and Stegel.

Stegel (Demo 1999)
(Released 1999 - £5.00)

Track listing:
01 Hive  02 Focal Point  03 Clone  04 Missing Link  05 Splendid   06 Chinese Burn
07 Zetaricula

Recorded at Ape Drape studios, Andover in 1999.
Produced, engineered and mastered by Ben 'Ape Drape' Rowley and Stegel.

Andy Steggall's Face
(Extremely rare) (Released 1998 - discontinued)

Track listing:
01 Intro  02 Clone  03 Jam  04 Focal Point  05 Splendid  06 Hive (live)  07 Fash De Furious
08 Zetaricula

Extremely rare. This was the first Stegel recording and there are only six copies in existence.

The recordings are available from STEGEL, 20 Poyntz Road, Overton, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG25 3HJ, England.  It may be worth emailing the band first to establish availability.

Band website: www.stegel.com
Band email:  zeta@stegel.com