Vacant Stare
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A band based in Maidenhead that came onto the scene with a lot of potential and promise, and have at last delivered something to move them forward.  They are a five piece band (including a DJ on turntables), that offer modern, swift, chugging, groove soaked metal that is somewhat extreme and exciting, raw power and attitude, featuring vocals that vary from rap to screams to evil growling.

James Manning (Vocals)
Liam Williams (Guitar)
James Norris (Bass)
Jay Micciche (Drums)
Ross Stone (DJ-Turntables)

I have seen them live, supporting Earthtone9 during the summer of 2000 and they gave a seriously good and impressive performance.   The combination of a lunatic on vocals with his erratic and unpredictable activities and limitless energy, as well as cutting guitars and off the wall turntables, all glued together with tight rhythm and solid bass, the bands sound is very well balanced.

They have recorded a three track demo EP that was produced by Andy Sneap and independently released in 2000 (available from PO Box 5843, Colchester, CO1 2WY England, 5 cash inc. p&p) called:

Inducing Crime, Disorder and Fear - Demo EP  

Inducing Crime, Disorder and Fear

1. Come Face Up
2. Prognosis
3. W.M.F.M.S.

Songs to listen out for are Prognosis and Come Face Up which are two excellent examples of their style and aggression.  Their tracks have featured on compilation albums from Org and Lockjaw records and they have also had a track on Metal Hammer's cover CD.

I have been watchful for their long awaited record deal and debut album release, often rumoured but never forthcoming, but when it does come it should be something quite special!  This band have a fine reputation and a very dedicated following.  That together with a willingness to give there all when playing live and a determination not to rush into the arms of the first record label that holds out an olive branch, will hopefully see Vacant Stare "do it right" and use some of their potential and promise as they move up a league.

It has become apparent that Nick Brown (ex Setback) has joined the lads as their second guitarist.