during early November 2001 by Rigsby


So, tell us a little about Anĉmic - like who's in it?
Right there is me (Ian) on Guitar, Phil on bass, Dany on vocals.   We are desperate to find a drummer...

Where are you based?
Morecambe in Lancashire

Have you managed to played any gigs yet?
Yeah, we have played one gig in Lancaster at a local festival type thing, we used a guy called Chris for that gig (earthtone9 fans will know him as 'body_pit' a regular on the messageboard).

How did the gig go?
It went really well, we had lots of people up for us, many who hadn't even heard our music before.  We made a few mistakes but we only had 4 days practice with Chris.

How did Chris fit in and is he not able to do it permanently?
He fit in really well, trouble is he lives in Market Harborough near Leicester.

So, you are without a drummer.
Seems that way.

What is it about drumming... No-one wants to do it...
I know, they are all just lazy. Well at least the ones around here are.  Maybe if our songs had Rob Zombie style beats, drummers would be lining up to play for us.

Have you tried many out and what has the quality been like?
The only drummer we have tried out was our first, but unfortunately he had to leave due to illness.  All the rest listen to our demo and just say its too difficult and that none of them can play in odd timings.

So who played on the demo?
It's a drum machine, well, samples loaded into cubase.

Okay, and are you happy with that for recording and just need someone for live performances?
Well, ideally I would love a drummer full time, I'd love to hear their interpretations of how the drums should go instead of me and Phil clicking buttons on a computer.

Yeah, I can see where your coming from on the musical front - it would be nice for someone to actually fit the drums into the song, with real emotions and feelings...
Yeah, plus I'm aching to get gigging, when we finished that first gig it felt amazing.

So, do you have any places that you can play when you finally get your drummer?
Yeah, there are a few venues in Lancaster we can play.

If you were to be inundated with invites to tour with bands, which bands would you most like to tour with?
Earthtone9 without a shadow of a doubt.  Joe said he would love us to tour with them which made my year.  Other bands I would love to tour with would be the Deftones, Tool and Cave In.

That would be cool - to have the opportunity to tour with a band you have high regards for... Especially Earthone9 as they are nice blokes too.
Yeah, when Joe told me he thought our demo was really good I was really really ecstatic.

That's where you get inspiration from isn't it - When someone like that says that to you - It encourages you to go on?
Definitely, to have someone in a band I really love say they like it gave me such a boost.

What are your ages and how long have you been playing?
I am 21 and have been playing guitar for 5 years now I think, Phil is 23 and Dany is 19...  Me and Phil have been playing together for 2 or 3 years, just jamming and writing music and Dany came along early this year.

So just how long has Anĉmic been going?
About 7 months

How did the band get together? How did you meet?
I met Phil when I placed an ad to start a band at our local college.   He was the only one that responded, so we spent a year or so just playing songs I had written.  I met Dany at a local night-club when I heard him singing along to a Tool song, so I asked him if he would like to join my band and after hearing the songs Phil and I had written he basically said YES!!!

That's excellent - It's a shame that there's no drummers going to night-clubs or college then...
Hehe, yeah, or any good ones at least.

How do you go about song writing, is it yourself that continues to do the main part or is it some other method?
Okay.  Usually, I write the song in pretty much its entirety and then show Phil and Dany, we'll then go through bits to alter and remove or add stuff like that.  Then Phil takes home the basic recording of it and works on the bass and drums and once we are all happy with how it sounds Dany will listen to it and write lyrics and melodies for the song.

What are your main influences and - this maybe a hard question - how would you describe the band's sound?
Main influences..speaking personally are Tool, Deftones, Earthtone9, Radiohead, Cave-in, Candiria and Botch.   Hmmm, the band's sound... That is a tough one.  Well, I like to think we are heavy and screamy but with melodic elements and a bit of originality (I think)...I really am crap at this question sorry.

No problems, it's always a really tough question to ask someone...  Okay, what do you class as your favourite track off the Demo and why?
It would probably be Dejecstinacity.  It just sums up the direction I feel the music I write is taking, long 'epic' type songs with some damn heavy parts in their too.

Are you starting to get feedback about your Demo?
Yeah, I just read Anaemic review in Organ Art and it is a mental description (can be found at

It's a fine review... Who did it - Shaun?
Yeah, he said he is going to try and get it in RockSound as well.

What sorts of things do you write about?  What subjects are the songs on the demo about?
I'm not totally sure, he (Dany) writes cryptically like Maynard or Karl, some stuff about religion and I think there is a love song on there too, hehe.

I know you use a drum machine - out of necessity at the moment - but how do you feel about using technology, computers and programming in your music?
I try not too, I mean there is a song we have that isn't on the demo called Stitch which has a few programmed piano and string parts in it but on the whole, well at this moment I prefer to keep it just to guitar, bass, vocals and drums.

So, what motivates you when your writing?
Usually, its just a feeling I get.. Sometimes if I am listening to a band I suddenly get the urge to want to play guitar and write something.

And which bands do that for you?
Cave In does it a lot for me and Botch for some reason.  They just both make me want to pick up my guitar and play, especially the Botch song C Thomas Howell.

Yeah, I know what you mean with Botch - excellent band good song too - their anarchic style is fascinating....  Ian, I would love to sit here and talk to you all night Ian but I am going to have to bugger off now.  It's been nice talking to you and cheers...
It's been good talking to you too.