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"Öone for those that want their eardrums to be shattered like glass; think Skinlab, think rejuvenated Machine Head, and from time to time think Sepulutra or Soulfly, but most of all just think fucking heavyÖ

...it would be a brave person who dares to enter the pit of S-Core...


ďGust Of RageĒ





French metallers S-Core have just released their impressively powerful second album "Gust Of Rage" throughout Europe this month, so we took the opportunity to get too know them a little better and find out what makes them tick.


Hi there, nice to meet you and I hope you are well. Could you please briefly introduce yourself and your position in the band?

Hi Iím Myron, I play bass guitar in S-core, but above all I would like to thank you for this interview and the interest you show to our band.


No problems. I believe the band formed way back in 1998.  What bands were you guys in before that and what instigated the creation of this band?

Thatís true!! The whole story started back in 1998 when members from M.A.F and No Way Out, two bands from Strasbourg, decided to play heavy music and also to create a new band. That was the starting point of S-core.


Is there a story behind the name S-Core?

I donít really know if thereís a meaning or a secret about the bandís name but as we all came from Strasbourg, it maybe means Strasbourg-core.....maybe! Who knows?


What got you into the music scene, what was your inspiration and was Strasbourg a good place to be when starting out in a band?

You know, for us, making music as well as having a band was almost natural because all of our heroes were musicians. You know we were the kind of kids who were dreaming eyes wide open while we listened to music.

About the inspiration that keeps us on making music, I can only answer that we want to express the rage of being alive and the fact that you do have to struggle against yourself everyday to become a better man. To be honest, Strasbourg is neither a bad place nor a good place to make music, itís just the town where we come from.


Do you love living in France and do you think it has any bearing on the way you sound?

Absolutely, we love our country but it doesnít mean that we are some kind of dickhead nationalist, and Iím not sure that thereís a French sound, because heavy music is universal.


What do you like the most about France and what do you like the least?

What I like the most about my country is the gastronomy and wines we have, and also the culture of revolution, I mean that we always remain revolted by injustice, thatís what has led us to proclaim the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But what I like the least is also that state of mind that people are always on strike for anything and refuse to look forward.


 S-Core Band Photo


What bands / music have you been listening to lately?  Any current favourites or any hates?

To myself, I actually listen to the latest Melvins release which is amazing and also a lot of Jesus Lizard, but I have to admit that I usually listen to hardcore and sludgy music.

We all like different kind of music, but what fits us all is the powermetal from the 90ís such as Pantera, Machine Head, Sepultura, Skinlab..........and about new things we love, I would say we listen to stuff  like Crowbar, Meshuggah, Hatebreed...


With the recent release of your latest album "Gust of Rage", please tell us about your favourite song on the album; is there one song on there that defines the bands sound?

Thatís a tough question because I love every song on this album so..... but if I had to make a choice I would say that my favourite is Rising Terror because it has everything that defines the band today. It has a hardcore punk energy  mixed with a sludge vibe, thatís why we will probably make a videoclip of that song.......but I cannot tell you more because we are still talking about that.


How does this album compare to "RiotÖ Process Engaged" and do you feel thereís a marked progression?

Of course, I feel a marked progression between those two albums and I feel it thru the unity we now have in the band and also in the sound.


What things/subjects really get to you - makes you angry - makes you want to do something about it?

As I told before the main subjects are anger, rage, pain and injustice.


Listening to the new album, your music is very powerful, full-on and should encourage the crowd to get active; itís something that sounds well worth getting to see. I guess that predominantly the bands touring concentrates on France and then places around mainland Europe, but are there any future touring plans that include the UK?

Thank you for that!!! You are right when you say that we did concentrate our plans on France in the past, but now we try to make plans for the entire Europe. Thatís why our crew, Dirty8, includes now bands from Hungary. It gives us the opportunity to play over there and to tour across countries to get there.

So Iíve heard that our manager is actually scheduling a tour for may, but by now moment I donít know if we will go to the UK. I hope.


Is there anywhere in the world that you would really like to play and why?  And, is there a band or individual, with which it would be an honour to share the stage with?

To be honest with you, I guess it would be cool for us to tour in the UK because I think  that your country invented rockín roll, and also I think it could be awesome to play in clubs and to drink pints all over the night with English people.

The higher level of honour for me would be making a tour with Crowbar in Europe or in the south of the USA.


Where do you see S-Core going from here?  Is commercial success important?

I do absolutely not know where that adventure is going to bring us, but what I know is that we all feel really excited about the future, because the monster we created seems to be alive now and asks for some more so...


Well, thatís everything we have to ask you this time around.  Thanks so much for your time Myron and we wish you well. Is there anything else you wish to add to finish the interview?

Thank you for everything, I hope that one day weíll be able to see each other at the end of one of our gig and have a few beers together!!!!




by Rigsby (November, 2008)


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