Produced by: STEVE LLOYD


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When every second band is trying to sound like the first, it’s really nice to come across a band that is trying to do something a little different. 10 Days have yet to be together for a year but with their debut demo EP “The Future is Unwritten” they have marked the beginning of a musical conception that is already fascinating and which will - with a little more experience and development - become quite impressive.

Three songs that paint a picture of eastern ambience with both guitars and vocals that add character to the songs and create an unadorned but atmospheric sound. The vocals are beautifully and effectively used like an additional instrument and trace the contours of the music, occasionally striking out and demanding to be followed. Musically the songs remain simple yet elegant and are a fusion of old and new styles, with a meandering bass and inquisitive guitar kept in place by subtle drums. Nestling in the comforts of these songs you find reminders of bands as diverse as Earthtone9, System Of A Down, Tool, Fugazi and even Iron Maiden.

However, there’s plenty of room for improvement and to build on their sound maybe they should address the excessively repetitive nature of the music and lyrics. They would really benefit in creating more depth and complexity as the songs on this EP are a little too rudimentary and unsophisticated for the style they are developing. This could be achieved to a degree with better recording techniques but will more likely need to come from the song structures and a greater density of lyrics. Mahumodo made their mark with highly intensive waves of sound mesmerising the listener, maybe 10 Days could take a leaf from their book and layer their sound far more and add their own special measure of intricacy.

On balance, this EP is quite outstanding for a debut and wets the appetite for what could be. Whether the guys in 10 Days will have what it takes is yet to be determined, but it will be incredibly interesting watching their journey. If they find their way, the next recording will be something very special.

12345678910 - Rigsby  (9th September, 2003)