Ninedenine (9d9)

1. The Scars
2. Spreading The Ashes
3. This Way
4. Three Strikes

9d9 - Demo Front Cover9d9 - Demo Back Cover
Recorded last summer with their original drummer on this self-titled demo EP, Ninedenine (pronounced "9d9") present four tracks as an appetiser of what is to come.  During November 2001 they took on a new drummer - ex-Earthtone9 sticks-man Simon Hutchby - an incident that fortunately brought the band to the attention of  And with the standard of songs displayed here and the inclusion of Simon's talents, their future should be very promising indeed.

Producing classic rock dragged into the Nu-age, the demo kicks off with a great song called The Scars which has an epic, almost symphonic feel about it.  They mix the grandeur of Led Zeppelin with the coarseness of Sevendust, the heavy groove of Soundgarden with the melody of Staind. There are amazing harmonies mixed with gritty bellows, layering awesome rich and full vocals.

The huge, raw guitar riffs continue into the second track, Spreading The Ashes. The sound is still rolling and loud, with fat power cords pushing into the chorus that simply fastens onto your mind.  Those abrasive but melodic vocals are vigorously harmonic, keeping the aggression but also the tune.

This Way, creates a very Tool-esque sound and feel.  It's a little more progressive in construction, featuring quiet passages with Maynard Keenan style vocals that intermix over soft guitars, then meandering into heavier sections with matching voice.  This song has another great harmonic and catchy chorus, a theme that is evident throughout the demo.  Things finish on a more contemporary note, with Three Strikes.   This has an almost heavy indie sound that develops into a classic hard rock melody but requires a few listens to be appreciated fully.

An excellently self-produced demo of well crafted songs that show many traditional rock values.  A raw and mature, post-grunge, classic rock sound that has been written for this millennium by a band that would like to reintroduce a strong melodic element to an aggressive era of metal.  With the prospect of new material being recorded early this year, there will soon be more to enjoy from Ninedenine.

Rigsby (3rd March, 2002)
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