Dystrophy - Demo EP
(Demo CDR)

...A concise set of abhorrence, malice and spite written to a backing of unburdened energetic eruption. Yeah, I reckon that just about sums it up...
Anaemic Demo Cover Track Listing:

01. Eight
Red Rosida
05. Dejecstinacity

I have been watching Anaemic evolve over the last couple of years using the earthtone9 messageboard as a spy glass (Phil the bass player is the designer, administrator of the board, and all the band are frequent posters).  I've been reading the widely interspersed posts that sporadically appeared exclaiming elation at a new member, frustration over the search for a drummer, but most of all following the timeline of their music - including the occasional posting of a link to an mp3 that sampled their latest hatchling.  It's been fun and now they've got to a point of development to put a demo together, it's also quiet pleasing.

On the first spin of this CD I remember being fairly quickly impressed at the quality of the songs here.  I also remember thinking that I need to listen to this more and spend some quality time with it - there is a depth to the music that doesn't describe itself straight away, but only suggests it's existence.  One thing that does come across right away is the personality of the production which has it's own kind of rough charm.  That craft shop quality works really very well (and I have heard an awful lot worse from far more established acts!).

Now, lets put down some thoughts as to what is currently coming out of my speakers...  Well the first impact is the vocals - crazed and screamy, extreme in a high-pitched death-like (Danny Filth) style but mixed with some singing.  The vocals at their screamiest remind me of Martin Walkyier (for you guys who can remember Sabbat - Andy Sneap's band - even dug out A History Of Time To Come from my record collection to check the comparison).  The intensity of a cornered cat faced with the dog's gleaming set of saliva drenched teeth, the feline with hackles raised, claws unveiled and ready for a ruck.

But that isn't the signal for a set of songs that you can predict from that description alone, oh no.  For instance, the first song Eight had me having occasional flash backs to the sixties (hey, second-hand of course - I ain't that old) with a strange early Pink Floyd Barrett-esque kind of melody at chorus time. The majority of the song is a rumbling, crushing rhythm at a manic pace.

I guess it could be said that generally the songs are very up-beat and fast paced, they are using electronic drums (due to lack of a drummer at the moment), which leads to some interesting beat and timing changes, and giving quite a strong industrial "feel" to the sound. But they're not an industrial band, far from it.

The songs are often complex avenues of music and with those weird timing changes, but it's music that has been design to be a little challenging to write, play and (if you get engrossed) listen to.  Red Rosida is a particular favourite, I love the drums (excellent beat) and the general rhythm and vibe of this song (best of luck finding someone who can play drums for it), mixed with a great set of riffs.  It is a strong song with lots of character. Anaemic and the eight minute Dejecstinacity continue the brutal demonic aural battering that wants to stamps out a mark all of it's own.

SoD has an almost Metallica sounding theme to it - with more singing, but not for long and a slower pace, but not for long - ending in complete chaos and is extremely difficult to describe.  But that's the same with the whole sound really, quite difficult to explain, but well worth getting to know.  A concise set of abhorrence, malice and spite written to a backing of unburdened energetic eruption.  Yeah, I reckon that just about sums it up, but judge for yourself - I recommend you go to the bands website and download some mp3's...

Rigsby (25th November, 2001)
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