(Mighty Atom Records - MTY342)

There is no doubt that the recent theme for so many of today's up and coming rock bands has been either the highly commercial and often sickly pop-punk or the precise mix of coarse hardcore and clean emotional melody.  Appease exploit the opportunity to use both and overlay pop-punk on an undercurrent of emo.

The Bolton based band present four songs starting with "Fragrance of Existence" which demonstrates the commercial pop appeal with just a light brushing of angst. "Stephen" gets a little more choppy and heavier but maintains the melody and "Lack of Confidence" concentrates more on the mainstream pop-punk sound. Finishing with title track “Act Five, Scene Three” - although the least catchy of the tracks - it does represent this blend of styles rather well, even if it does really tests your musical tolerance with it's cringe-worthy vocal ending.

Coming across like a mix of New Found Glory and Thursday, Appease will probably appeal to fans of either band, producing music that is very commercially accessible and which doesn’t try to take any risks - they may well collect many followers on that basis alone.  However, the music creates a picture of four American guys with gleaming white teeth playing guitars on the front porch and it’s does seem a shame that they choose not to come up with something a little more original and befitting of four blokes based out of Bolton.

Rigsby  (9th December, 2003)

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