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Aura Sun are a young five-piece band from the UK that offer their debut - Tattered Fragments Of A Broken Conversation - as a three-track industry sampler. They have been compared to both the Deftones and Will Haven, but in all honesty it is difficult to see much of a link. With intermittent jangley guitars interspersed with occasional meandering sections and the off-key vocals, it suggests more of an emo vibe but with far heavier riffs that are more reminiscent of Waterdown, Far or Thursday.

There is some good heavy guitar work going on in places here, producing powerful rock/metal with that post hardcore feeling. The music isn’t at all bad with forceful rock songs that forge an impression, however the vocals are definitely an acquired taste. At their best there are some mighty screams, but in the main they’re flat, monotone, tuneless and often grating. It makes you feel that maybe there should be a law that states - don’t try to sing if you can’t. Shout, growl, whatever, just don’t try to sing. But of course this would be unfair, as this effort may appeal to others and with practice, they might actually improve enough to be able to pull the style off properly.

On the whole, there’s a mix of mid-tempo and up beat rumbling tunes that drive, thump and chug not always as straight forward metal songs, but often with a few twists and turns. There are a couple of quite memorable chorus driven songs that are full of character, but it’s difficult to get over those vocals. Unfortunately that makes it very difficult to recommend Aura Sun, however it not hard to believe that with a slightly different slant, this band could sound pretty good.

Rigsby (18th July, 2002)
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