S/K/N/S Demo CD
Autonomy are a 5-piece band that come from Daventry in Northamptonshire.  Their sound is essentially a rapcore-metal mix with heavy groove beats that interact with (at times very) fast-paced vocal raps.  This independently financed demo was recorded at Premier Studios, Corby, Northamptonshire during October 1999 and features the following three tracks;
1. S/K/N/S -  A disturbing strange yet welcoming voice begins the track, before tight drums and bass with hard guitar open with a fast paced rhythm that sets the scene of tempestuous attitude and aggression.  The vocals largely maintain a rapping style and become incredibly fast at points but also enjoy some throat rasping growls, which accentuate the onslaught.  The song breaks with a short slower section and some very heavy, awesome riffing merges back into the main rhythm and it is at the end of the song that the rapping really lets rip.  This has become a live favourite and is considered to be one of the defining moments of the bands style.

2. A Feeling Undescribable - A solo guitar riff opens the song and initially the pace seams to be slower.  The bass, drums and singing vocals join which raise the pace slightly, but then you are hit with a shower of layered rapping vocals that just pick the songs tempo up into a rage.  The intensity is maintained for the remainder of this short 2m 34s track with just the hint of a breather almost at the end, when the song hangs momentarily in feedback before bursting back into life with a butchering yell.

3. But I Thought... - A quiet and gentle beginning to this song that has a mellow rap and delicate guitars which take you to a heavier chorus containing an awesome riff.  The song builds progressively and the vocals become more mixed, with haunting moments as well as full on aggression.  The pace changes several times also, reaching a crescendo before easing down again to a gentle conclusion.

Overall, a good strong demo that gives a fair representation of the band, and three songs I enjoy listening to time and time again.   The production on this CD is very good and has managed to capture the character and power of the band.  This quality is even more extraordinary when you consider that it didn't benefit from a big budget.  However, there is no mainstream distribution and so you are unlikely to find it in your local record shops, but locating it via gigs or mail order are no problem.  Look out for an album on Earache Records in Spring, 2001.

The demo is available from Autonomy, Grove House, North Street, Daventry, Northants, NN11 5PN.
It is priced at 4 UK & Ireland and $6.50 elsewhere (prices include P&P). Cheques only, made out to Matthew Cosentino.

CDs can also be personalised with your name and autographed at an extra cost of 1 UK & Ireland and $1.50 elsewhere.

It is also possible to order this CD via credit card online at

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Rigsby (03 Jan 2001)

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