Black Candy
(CD Single)
Black Candy are a 5-piece band that are based in Oxford in the UK, consisting of Joe (Vocals), Luke & Richard (Guitars), Brad (Bass) and Nick (Drums). They play a very modern form of heavy rock that mixes alternative styles including rap, funk and more classic rock moments all onto a metal base.  This independent release (BC003CD) features three tracks:
1. Downfall - Starting with some sound effects from "human beatbox" Joe (that feature more than once) and some heavy guitars, the song is soon into its flow.  This opens out into a heavy main riff, a chunky, almost bouncy rhythm and some aggressive rapping vocals on the chorus, but also having pleasant melodic elements to the vocals that gives a nice balance to the song.  It builds up to a cool, heavy ending that leaves you thinking "yeah!"

2. Ben's Song - A twinkly start soon breaks down into an upbeat rap and rock song, with a good hard driving core of guitars that compliment the attitude from the vocals.  Again it builds to a fast crescendo and this time a sudden ending.

3. Downfall (Lab-4 remix) - This is another version of the first song, but remixed by UK techno duo Lab-4.  It takes the basic song and adds in a hard techo beat and together with the odd sample and some scratching, makes a good alternative version.  There is definitely more of a stop/start feel to this version, which kind of adds to the effect, with the stops emphasising the heaviness.

Black Candy - Downfall CD Single
The main song on the CD "Downfall", I found easily likeable and is quite a jolly tune.  The second song I can take or leave, it's not a bad song, but just doesn't stand out for me.   The remix is a nice version of the first song, giving a different view of the track, but I think if I am honest, I would of preferred a third different track for my money.  Overall, not a bad taster of a band that offer so much and produce a splendid live show.

This CD was released as a limited single available at gigs or mail order.  For more details or to order this recording, you can contact Alan Day (management) at Fairfields, Henwood, Boars Hill, Oxford, OX1 5JX, United Kingdom, on (01865) 864408 or via email.  The CD costs 4 inc p&p (cheques or postal orders payable to Black Candy)

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Rigsby (25 Jan 2001)

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