(Independent - CWR001)


01. INTRO (0:09)
MISLAY 1 (3:09)
03. MISLAY 2 (2:42)
04. NEW  (2:40)
05. OUTRO (2:34)


Length:  11:11 (min:secs)
Released: 2004

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Italian band Crawler have been around since 99' but this is only their second demo.  It's a total DIY job from playing to recording to mixing to mastering and features just three bona-fide tracks. The relentless chasing of this review by guitarist Antonio has assured them with a place in our hearts for pure enthusiasm alone.

With a sweet very short electronic "Intro", they are straight into "Mislay 1" which immediately hits you with earthy, heavy, downtuned riffs and gruff nasty vocals very reminiscent of early Max-era Sepultura"Mislay 2" continues in the same vein, but sounding more Soulfly-esque with that tribal beat to the drums and rumbling bass lines. "New" takes a chunky, slightly more traditional approach, with a nice slower sludgy section towards the end and "Outro" finishes the EP as it began with electronics.

Lyrically, the songs are in English which are sometimes a little naive and clumsy, but they still get the message across. Musically, the songs are short and the production is a little on the muddy side, although the rawness actually works for the style and gives a beneficial atmosphere to the DIY ethos, it just needs to project a bit more quality, but costs maybe prohibitive.

Thinking of UK bands like Razorwire, who have been around since 97' and how they have developed and matured, for a band that has been about for a similar time Crawler still sound like a start-up in comparison.  It's good to see the DIY ethic, but that doesn't have to sound amateur as Razorwire have proved.  Crawler have to carry on writing, playing and improving and look a little wider for their influences if they wish to make a name for themselves outside their native Italy.

12345678910 - Rigsby  (7th October, 2005)