CRYSKNIFE "Disbelieve" EP

Length:  16:35 (min:secs)
Released:  2002



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Steve and Tom Campitelli are brothers who are based out of Malvern Pennsylvania, USA and write songs as a band called Crysknife, a name taken from the Frank Herbert's ‘Dune’ series.  They have created a sound that is essentially melodic and traditional rock with a clever and effective use of keyboards.  The result is nicely crafted songs, which are sweetly played and complemented with clear and precise melodic vocals.

“Disbelieve” has a lively Tool-esque ambience that meanders through a melodic hard rock core, speckled with stylistic keyboard patters that add depth and character.  It’s a damn good and enjoyable song. “Blast Furnace” starts like a soundtrack to The Warriors (film) with that seventies style keyboard sound before crashing into heavy rock with an Atomic Rooster vibe - very atmospheric and distinctively memorable with a cool weaving bass line and interjection of jazzy keyboards.  Finally, “Inviolate” uses classy guitars that build slowly and are occasionally thickened with the outlining chords of keyboards.  Those keyboards slowly take you by the hand and lead you further through the story continually interchanging with the guitars to quite an emotional finish.

This EP was a definite surprise, as the initial concept of two brothers casually writing songs during breaks in their college education, didn’t sound particularly promising. But despite being separated by 180 miles, they have managed to produce something that is well worthy of attention and there is talk of more in the pipeline. So, take this recommendation, pop across to their website and download some Crysknife - you’ll find them pleasantly different to most things about at the moment…

12345678910 - Rigsby  (31st December, 2003)