(Mighty Atom Records)

Hilarious Japanese band Electric Eel Shock are looking to join the likes of The Darkness in the current resurgence of interest with old fashioned rock and metal. Playing outrageous and unashamedly full on ‘rock n roll’ heavy metal, they do nothing subtly and go all out to imitate (like the Japanese do best) every annoying element that eventually caused most to turn away from metal, as it blew itself into ridicule during the eighties.

Watch out for the dumb song titles - “Do The Metal” sounds like Motorhead playing old school Rainbow with Eddie Van Halen doing the solos. “Japanese Meets Chinese In USA” is far steamier and bluesy, kind of stoner and has a sixties Hendrix feel to it. “I Wanna Be A Black Sabbath Guy But I Should Be A Black Bass” is a more slanted (no pun intended) view of metal, again a bit stonerish and sounds like Sabbath being played by Motley Crue.

This is simply regurgitated metal without anything of merit being added and utilising every cliché available in a mindless melee of over the top metal posturing, for all those who love taking musical ridicule as far as it can go. Having been there and done this the first time around, it wasn’t actually that entertaining then (certainly once the novelty had quickly worn off) and it’s even less entertaining this time around. It just blows away much of the credibility gained over recent years by musically decent and focused bands within the genre - danger signs for a stagnating scene. One for Kiss fans only - disposable value for laughable amusement only.

Rigsby  (1st January, 2004)

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