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01. MOSS TO GROW (3:18)
03. THE CONCEPT (4:06)
04. SLIDESHOW (3:31)
05. EYELIDS (4:20)

HIJINX "Sleeping Sin" EP

Length:  18:36 (min:secs)
Released: 9th May, 2005


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Originating from the Essex area during early 2001, this three piece band of youngsters have quickly developed a very mature sound and it’s pleasing to hear that they obviously have a firm idea of what they want to achieve.

Hijinx create a pasture of Hard rock songs with an incisive cutting edge. Its intelligent song writing based around explosive power that is expertly honed into shape with majestic melodies and which are further combined with impressive guitar and bass interchanges.

Opening with “Moss To Grow”, giving a display of the awe-inspiring vocal dynamics and blistering riffage, searing into a most memorable chorus with a hook to die for. “Sleeping Sin”, “The Concept” and “Slideshow” continue with more of those delicious vocals and guitars, containing layers of feeling and emotion not heard in British rock since days of old. Finally, “Eyelids” drifts into a feeling of Marillion or early Genesis, in a slower, progressively, twinkling, “Kayleigh” sort of way, but thankfully soon blows that miss apprehension away with pure gusto (phew).

A vocalist with obvious talent and able to play his voice like an instrument, songs displaying intricate guitar progressions - both lead and bass - timely rhythm changes creating huge song character and which inject that extra detail keeping the listener riveted. With enough power to punch through concrete, but choosing to expertly combine attributes of subtlety to finely chisel an intricate work of art; this is a band holding magnificent potential. The forthcoming album promises a treasure-trove of pleasure.

12345678910 - Rigsby  (1st June, 2005)

Line-up:  Guitar / Vocals: TOM FREEMAN - Bass: RICH O'CONNOR - Drums: SAM RICHARDSON