(Gizeh Records - GR-09)





Length:  19:37 (min:secs)
Released:  2003.



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Pulsating, beating, rhythmic, insistent and searching are all elements to be found with just the first two minutes of this debut EP from this innovative UK five-piece. Creating soundscapes to drape over auditory cavities or simply to craft a mood shaped like a hammock in which to lie and ponder coherent notions - what is made of it is very much up to you - the band provide the map and you decide where to go.

Twenty minutes of calming atmospheric tunes and vibes, interwoven with highlights of gritty guitars, electronic effects and hip hop style beats, embroidered with sweet vocal harmonies and always maintaining a pleasing ambience. Within the songs there’s a smouldering of Tool in the progressive nature of the abraded guitars and the vocals have echo’s of early (David Byron era) Uriah Heep as well as Pink Floyd - with Floyd edging more into atmospherics of the music at times.

“Elek” has a sound that portrays open spaces, thunderous quiet that invites you in to relax, but before realisation can dawn, a change of tack has wrenched you out of a sun drenched dream and into a gloomy nightmare. “2 Stranger” originates with the glowing embers of an almost Floyd-like “Astronomy Domine” Morse code before plunging into a hazy darkness of mechanized patterns before drifting into a premature shutdown. “Hindsight” shows a glimpse of Tool playing at Ronnie Scott’s and then from the heavens the falsetto vocals join with scatty guitar runs and lay rest to a rhythm beset with harmonic voices - all very gentle and sometimes symphonic.

Immune have produced a sound that manages to hold it’s own in the genre of rock, yet is as soothing as Elgar and as relaxing as watching fluffy white clouds pass by. With a talent of slowly and patiently unveiling the totality of the song, each track is the music equivalent of watching a Rolf Harris painting. As a bonus, it’s packaged in a glossy and stylish looking gatefold CD provided with good supporting information, which also gives out promising signals from fledgling label Gizeh. This is just an insight, we need more of this…

12345678910 - Rigsby  (18th November, 2003)