1. False Truth (0:56)
2. No One (2:32)
Realize (0:47)
4. Sphère (3:14)


Imply In All are a young three-piece band from Bordeaux in France that formed in 1999. Over that time, they have chopped and changed their musical leanings from ska and punk to the hardcore metal style they’re playing today. This is their second demo to date, which contains four songs and adds up to a meagre seven and a half minutes of material.

The essence of what is found on this demo is the product of a band very much in it’s embryonic stages and that feeling is perpetuated further by the exceedingly poor quality of the sound. The whole package is very much in the spirit of underground DIY and although that isn’t a bad thing or a criticism, it’s just that this is well below the quality of what most other bands are producing given similar resources.

Okay, that’s the negative out the way. Imply In All have created short rumblings of old school hardcore mixed with modern metal, fast and with little fuss, thumping rhythms and shouting vocals that is best demonstrated by the song No One. The only real deviation was with Sphère, which has a chunkier feel, alternating pace and with rather awkward sounding French lyrics. It's great that they are trying to keep their French identify but maybe a little more time should be taken to ensure that they have better fluency into the song.

What is most encouraging is the attitude of the band who have at least got on and produced something themselves and if Benji’s constant harassment of us here at Downtuned is anything to go by, then enthusiasm is also something this band doesn’t lack. They need to play on their strengths, develop their raw metalcore sound to involve more individuality (as hinted at with No One) and produce a demo of much higher quality. Then who knows what might happen… we wish them all the best.

Rigsby (16th June, 2002)
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