(Casket Music - CSK016)


JOSKI "Chorus" EP


Length:  8:53 (min:secs)
Released:  28th July 2003.



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Released a few months back and still more than deserving this (rather belated) review, the “Chorus” EP is the second release from London based rockers Joski.  It follows on from 2002’s self financed “Direction Finding” EP, this time with the backing of Casket Music they continue to demonstrate their special ability to craft quality songs.

Lead track “Chorus” is a great choice for a single. It takes the very commercial side of rock, forms a shape using ska-esque punk undertones and then with a nice use of melodies piles on layers of huge pop overtones, and very aptly for the title produces an awesome hook of a chorus. It’s an incredibly pleasing song and one that sticks in your mind for ages.  Unbelievably, this is followed with “I’m The Enemy” a song that is possibly an even stronger candidate for a single than “Chorus” and carrying an even greater hook.  Again, a fantastic mix of excellent melodies and hard rock combined with a great chorus that’s so very infectious.  Finally, “Close” is far more laid back and at a relaxed pace, retaining accessibility with a serious edge and maybe emotionally driven but still using those strong defining melodies.

This band shows an enormous capability to compose sharp, snappy, catchy songs and it will be very interesting (nay essential) to hear a full length effort to see how they cope with the long haul. They take the energy and enthusiasm of today’s pop-punk, mix it with the emotion of top emo and surround it with the fortitude of indie. The result is a good commercial rock sound with just that little bit of grit and plenty of imagination.  But what really sets them apart is their ability to write enjoyable, balanced and complete songs that carry a classy charm, rather than bore you with disposable smarm.

12345678910 - Rigsby  (3rd December, 2003)