Two Tracks

1. 24-7 (Melodic Mix)
EMB (Demo)


The Kennedy Soundtrack The keyword here is Funky. The Kennedy Soundtrack are undeniably funky. Their style features thick heavy grooves and bouncy rhythms that are intermingled with rapping vocals that often switch to excellent and very distinctive singing. They’re funky in a Dan Reed Network, Extreme and Faith No More kind of way, being able to create excellent catchy songs that carrying a great tune and promise wide commercial appeal.

Two tracks are up for scrutiny here (given away by the title of the CD). Both are very similar in sound and structure and seem to follow the same formula, that's a funky start with opening rap vocals bursting into a catchy, funky singing chorus. However, both are good examples of infectious, radio friendly (except the copious swearing), rock tunes with a funky groove and alternating vocals, but it does leave you wanting to hear what else the band may offer.

There are two members that offer main vocals and I think it's Dave (who also plays guitar) that has a truly great singing voice which suits their style perfectly, but the rapping isn’t so convincing and may already date the sound. It’s a strange thing because to rap is so obvious, but it also works for that same reason.  Maybe you just feel that rapping vocals in rock have  become a

little passť and so hackneyed and rather a waste of the wonderful voice space that is possible here. But having said that they do seem to work in the context of this band so doubtless no more should be said.

Anyway, this is a fine fusion of styles, funk and hard rock which are joined at the hip with a collection of cool, sweet riffs and backbeats that you can feel. It travels along a fine line, sometimes going funkier then rockier, but then do you dance or bang your head? It doesn’t matter because it’s possible to do both, and you may even wish to try them at the same time!

This CD is an all too brief sample of their music, like some bugger sneaking off with your lunchbox after just one sandwich, it leaves you still hungry and curious to what the fillings were in the others. However, the chance to hear more is very likely, as with the calibre of the songs here and also because they now have industry backing in the form of a deal with the Sony financed Instant Karma Records, hopefully there should be more very soon.

Watch out for their brand new single, Killing Music which is currently due on the 20th May with a debut album Tale Of 2 Cities due out during June 2002.

Rigsby (19th April, 2002)
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