The Void Falls Silent EP

1. The Void Falls Silent
2. I Was Born A Vietnam Vet
3. Do You Wanna Play Bloody Knuckles
4. The Digital Wendingo Vs. The Little Guy
5. The Mating Habits Of A Blind Misanthrope
6. Occam's Razor
7. Letter To The (R)evolution

LIGHT IS THE LANGUAGE - The Void Falls Silent EP

Light Is The Language are from Enfield, Connecticut, USA. Six guys that include twin guitars and a programmer (offering soundscapes, samples and other electronic exotica), who add their weight to the rhythm section and vocals. They created this debut EP at the backend of 2001 and it contains just a suggestion of what this band are about. And it's not for the faint hearted!

A strange opening narrative with a backdrop of eerie effects that makes up the fascinating soundtrack of The Void Falls Silent, something which is mirrored in the apocalyptic speech of 'simian caution' during the closing minutes of the EP in Letter To The (R)evolution.

The music starts proper with I Was Born A Vietnam Vet and Do You Wanna Play Bloody Knuckles. This is in essence, discordant music that is angry and intense, from the immense screaming vocals through to the gagged rhythms and antagonistic guitar interjections. Powerful complex sequences of chords, pace changes and augmented with instrumental dexterity.

The onslaught of awesome tracks continues; The Digital Wendingo Vs. The Little Guy, The Mating Habits Of A Blind Misanthrope and Occam's Razor maintain the theme. The occasional colossal riff, evil and scaring, bursts through the chaos of perplexing fret workouts, putting shape back onto an amorphous moment, only then to be smashed to pieces again with lunatic favour. There are twists and contortions that tear at the conventional structure of a song, showing leanings toward modern jazz thread-work, but maintaining the violence and malice of metalcore. Hey, there's even acoustic guitar hidden like sixpence pieces in a Christmas pudding.

For those requiring a reference point, they draw distinct influence from the likes of Botch and Dillinger Escape Plan and tip a hat to Converge, Shai Halud and Poison The Well among others. Light Is The Language produce a sound that is of course, rich in progression, monstrously heavy, inordinately intricate and blows you away in a "what the fuck was that" kind of way.

This is an awesome EP, one that will take you by complete surprise! If you enjoy any of the bands mentioned above, you will more than enjoy what these guys add to that style. It's out on Gladiator Records (GR001) and recommendation simply cannot be made highly enough.

Rigsby (2nd April, 2002)
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