(Gronland Records - CDGRON5)

This four-piece band from the Bath area release their second single through Gronland Records and do their own take on the rock-based hip-hop sound, with a European twist into the usual strong American undertones.

The single presents four versions of the same song - “24/7” - with different mixes, styles and lengths. The “Single Edit” features a bizarre blend of Spanish acoustic guitar mixed with rap style vocals over an infections funky beat. The vocals vary between the regulation feigned American accent and an occasional earthy British street voice in an odd combination. It’s an incredibly catchy lead track; the acoustic guitar gives that very Spanish feel and provides the song with an original edge.

This follows with the “Album Version” which as you would expect is almost the same but just a longer rendering. The last two tracks are remixes, with “Arkham’s Rorschach Remix” laying down an ambient drum and bass atmosphere with electronic punctuations enhancing the vibe as well as the vocals. “Creutzfeld’s Disco Remix” revives the acoustic guitar mixing it into a kind of eighties style, synthesizer-keyboard, electro pop style with added rapped vocals.

Interesting, infections and totally accessible - there is no reason why this song shouldn’t get a lot more intimate with the wider music buying public.

Rigsby  (3rd December, 2003)

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