Demo Review
(Demo CD) with graceful enchantment and empathy that tears at your feelings which are sometimes sanguine, sometimes melancholy...


01. Intro (1:57)
02. Attribute Eve (5:25)
03. Blink Communication (6:04)
04. Interlude (2:14)
05. Cleansing Pattern (6:27)
06. Outro (1:52)

From the opening drums of the Intro, you know that there is something encouragingly different contained in this demo.  Attribute Eve is the first song proper and has a powerful guitar beginning and with preclusion of the superb vocals that mark this as something to savour.  A wonderfully meandering song that occasionally catches you out as you relax to it's splendour before it powers into brief mayhem.

Blink Communication is a emotionally charged and atmospheric song that has the occasional change of pace, but builds beautifully to a climactic crescendo that has the hairs on the back of the neck standing proud.  This track is the pinicale of the demo for me.  Unfortunatly, Interlude goes all hip-hop and rappy which leaves me a little cold (a style that has been so over-exposed) but at only a couple of minutes it's easy to overlook.

Cleansing Pattern takes a more aggressive turn and mixes throat tearing shouts with those  excellent melodic vocals.   Again, the song is tremendously atmospheric and continually changes pace and strength keeping you interested and involved, until letting you down gently as  Outro fades to black.

Songs with emotive force, mixing power with melody and a progressive structure.  Quite simply Machine-Made-Man have created music with graceful enchantment and empathy that tear at your feelings which are sometimes sanguine, sometimes melancholy.  The creation of atmosphere and the examination of emotions that these songs demand, make this band quite special.  That combined with the hauntingly empathic vocals of Matt Hughes, culminate in a demo that showcases a band with hugh promise. I for one look forward to further releases from these gentleman, as they dare to be creative and different, not happy to settle for simply copying what is a la mode.

Rigsby (28th July 2001)