Fusion Promotions
(Double CD Demo)
Mindlapse are a band that have been around for several years now and are based (I think) somewhere in Leicestershire (UK).  They play a plodding, death/doom influenced sound, with a mix of vocal styles heavily concentrating on the most extreme elements.  Unusually for this genre, it features a female vocalist who bellows her lungs out on these songs.

The tracks contained on the two CD's are "Lost In A Mindless Game", "Wrong", "Unforgivable" and "My Other Day".  The songs typically take a more slow heavy crunching riff's approach that are often very sabbathy.  This is combined with extreme female vocals, alternating with rapping, shouting, screaming and the pleasant inclusion of the occasional almost 'eastern' melodic wailing that adds so much to the depth (although I wish she would stop trying to sound so New York American, particularly when rapping!).  Sometimes the guitars seem a little ponderous, the songs too long and the overall sound some what forced, but the more I listen to "Lost In A Mindless Game" and "Unforgivable", the more they're kind of growing on me.

I think the two aforementioned songs are for me the best of the bunch, and although this is not a sub-genre I find easy to enjoy, there's some moments that I appreciate for there anger and intensity.  If your preference is for the more doomy side of metal, but still need that extreme edge, then I think you will like Mindlapse as this is essentially what they offer.

These CD's were distributed free at gigs for the bands promotion.  I'm sorry but I have no availability details and only have the following contact information:

band website: http://www.lysis.force9.co.uk
band email: Mindlapse@ntlworld.com

Rigsby (27 Jan 2001)

Footnote:  I have just heard a new song called "From The Strong" which carries on broadly in the same vein as their previous demo's, but with notably more brightness and lustre...   They're definitely growing on me...

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