01. R.T.F.M
      (Read The Fucking Manual)
(5:30) (MP3)
02. Ghost Notes (4:18)



Length:  9:48 (min:secs)
Released: 2003.


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This impressive London based band has only been a credible concern since September of 2003 and the "RTFM Demo" is very much their Ďstarter for tení.  Unfortunately, there are only two songs on offer, but it is very much a matter of quality over quantity, as they delight in showing just a glimpse of their immense potential.

"RTFM (Read the fucking manual)" has become something of their flagship song with radio airplay from such exalted luminaries as Mary Anne Hobbs on her Radio One Rock Show.  However, "Ghost Notes" should be treated equally, as itís a similarly good song that expands further on the creative style and sound of the band.

And their sound is an hypnotic mix of violent melody, with Mahumodo-esqe intensity that is occasionally interspersed with a Sixth-like funky chaos and a taste of early Lost Prophets enthusiasm. The essentially dry vocals are stretched to their limits and beyond, as they coerce the chunky pleasurable blend of aggressive passion and murderous energy into a melodic angst-laden majesty.

There are masses of promise and craftsmanship in the songs presented here, which show a considerable maturity for such a young band. Worryingly, Mypetme are currently undergoing some further personnel changes, something that hopefully wonít result in the finish of the band or a character change for the worst. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on, to watch for any further potentially exciting developments and itíll be incredibly interesting to see just where they take this style. More please!

12345678910 - Rigsby  (2nd October, 2004)