Too Fine Line EP

1. Saturday
2. Same Old
3. Can We Change That?
4. Thoughts Never Thought

P>S>P. Apparently they are Purple, they are very Sticky and they Punch, boy do they Punch... Boxing well above their weight, this - which is only the bands second demo - sounds huge with a fine Steve Ellis production job and demonstrates the intention that hectic, almost manic songs are their order of the day.

These blokes from Barnsley blow you away from the outset with a rumbling bass-line, a mark that is very much part of their sound and that has the bass well up in the mix, which makes for a very solid groove. This is combined with crunching, low, heavy riffs that pound and thrash an intense pathway for the vocals.

P>S>P Mouse
And the vocals! In the main there’re raw, screaming and shouty, but they also have moments of an emo quality that often appear at times of slower pace. The mix of pace is also a nice touch as is the amalgam of metal; thrash, black and speed, chugging and discordant, all helping to keep the intrigue throughout.

Same Old’ is an outstanding track. ‘Can We Change That?’ has a momentous feel to it – coming in at over 8 minutes – and is more progressive with many changes of pace which includes much aggression, as well as a more relaxed and melodic groove. It contrasts the other shorter tracks, but at the same time exemplifies the imagination and application they put into all the songs. It has an experimental feel and contains a bag of styles. The only niggle, and it’s general throughout the EP, is that the emotive singing rarely keeps in tune – however, this is not such a big deal as it largely "works" in the context of the songs.

Often compared to early Medulla Nocte, P>S>P produce a foreboding grind of metalcore but with a melodic smudge. This EP admirably displays the results of their work, presenting four songs that are not only well produced but also packaged with some nice artwork.

P>S>P Demo Cover - Too Fine Line EP

Rigsby (24th February, 2002)

Same Old
Can We Change That?
Thoughts Never Thought
Now Is The Time
Eve Of The Fever

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