1. Four
Only Human

This is a very competent three track demo EP from four blokes based in Harrow (UK) called RX.  Recorded at the Battery Studios London, this mix of old and new rock styles offers more than it at first reveals and turns out to be a mini Pandora's Box.

Their sound is heavy nu-metalcore with a mix of shouty vocals and quality melodic singing. Or is it energetic bouncy hardcore with some heavy weight riffage mixed with great vocals.  That would help to begin an aural picture of the first track - Four.  That theme is continued with Only Human, the closing track, that starts with almost funky guitar, but soon turns into a murderously thumping heavy beat.  A powerful and aggressive sound with raw vocals, more of the typical 'core style in the chorus but shared with a gentler melodic verse.

However, Emeto helps show the broader routes that obviously make up this band.  Borrowing more from classic rock, with distant echo's of British metal bands from the early 80's NWOBHM (like Praying Mantis, Jaguar, Tygers of Pan Tang, Quartz), there is an excellent and very melodic set of hard rock progressions, occasionally interjected with modern aggressive and angry, growling vocals.  The result is a song that has an epic, quality feel and manages to keeps that classic sound right into the last notes.

RX show that they offer more than a one dimensional sound and have the ability to mix hard rock with hardcore, displaying chameleon ethics that also suggests a wide set of influences. The band is gifted with a talented vocalist who manages to growl as well and sing (and do both very well).  Put all these things together and they show promising signs of being able to please both the current metal and emo camps.   Check out Four on

Rigsby (26th March, 2002)
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