Insecta Evolution
(Independent EP) 
Severance - Insecta Evolution

01. Subtracting The Apex
02. Infamy
03. Sevendays At Knife Point

Starting with an excellent riff that opens Subtracting The Apex, the power is immediately evident as it explodes into the full rhythm and you begin to wonder what is ahead of you. And with intelligent song writing, it's not easy to predict what is coming, often with twists and turns that in conventional thought would catch you out, but it's never anything less than brutal.

The slower start to Infamy (including what sounds like tom-toms or bongos) sets a false feeling of safety, before the song detonates proper and takes your f**king head off.  Another strong, often intriguing, yet exceptionally brutal track that murders your senses.

Unfortunately, the end comes way too soon with Sevendays At Knife Point, which picks up the pace for a large part, but then weaves and turns like a irritated snake until the climatic ending leaves you smouldering.  Pure excellence.

Severance - Insecta Evolution EP Front Cover Severance - Insecta Evolution EP Back Cover
To put it simply, I think this EP is excellent.  The music is so hard, heavy and aggressive.  The songs are wonderfully written with fine structure and energy but have complexity and a perverse sophistication that is not normally possible in this genre. How they manage to project so much anger and frustration in such a constructive and progressive manner is beyond me.

The EP, entitled "Insecta Evolution" is described as being a "...whirlwind of hatred, malevolence, passion and dark emotion. Dynamic, bleak and with a twist on melody that only your most disturbing dreams have hinted at..." and I couldn't put it better myself. For me there are echo's of bands such as Shai Hulud, Botch, One King Down and Zao, all superb influences in their own rights.

Severance are an excellent mix of metal styles, showing embossed respect for hardcore and disdain for the clinical sanitised and formularised writing of many popular nu-metal bands.  Neither are they fearful of tradition and allow these influences to give a maturity to their sound.  They have produced music that is in essence pure energy in it's most elementary form, but then enhanced and layered it with subtle complexity of rhythms and chaotic changes of cadence resulting in something of extraordinary quality.  This band is without doubt, the find of the year for me and I just can't wait to hear some more!

Rigsby (8th May 2001)

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