Length:  8:20 (min:secs)

Present Members:
Oliver Steels, Thom Parker, Reuben Brunt,
Sam Little, Alex MacDougall and Sam Jarvis

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Talons are experimental Post-Rock instrumentalists from Hereford. They spent some time previously as Kites but after significant personnel shuffling and once the line-up had settled, it was time to become Talons.

There are two songs demoed here, featuring essentially guitar based songs but also involving two violinists and a refreshing change in song structure and arrangements. Be prepared to embark on a flight of building, epic moments that tell a tale without needing words. Itís a flight that is not without turbulent shifts that take things to highs and lows but without ever sowing any doubts that the destination is going to be an exciting place, if not just a little dark.

Itís a mesh of sound that engulfs and then placates in one motion before, in a very civilised way taking you by the shoulders and shaking violently. There is much fine detail that constructs an impressive layered atmosphere with depths that may be initially hidden, but on repeated listens these are unearthed showing further deep seams of interest. Itís an intense sound that draws you in, gets you interested and while entertaining, hugely accelerates the passing of time. The compression of eight minutes to something that feels like three is an experience that is only encountered through thorough enjoyment.

This duo of adventures into the life of the mysterious Buff Orpington (a name that comes from a light coloured breed of chicken named after a Kent town!), gives an exhilarating glimpse into potential of this band. Talons leave you with the definite desire to hear more of their material and an idea that they are a very appealing proposition to see live.

12345678910 - Dave Yates  (19th March, 2009)