TENEBRAE - Demo EP Cover

Demo EP

1. A.Q.L
False Start
3. Unsane
4. Wide Open

This may sound very much like a demo from an embryonic project but compared to previous Tenebrae experiences it’s a huge leap in almost every aspect. With almost no expectations, it was hugely encouraging that there’s an undeniable rake of allure found here which manages to latch itself to the listener. Whether that’s more to do with sadistic compulsion rather than any musical gratification isn’t yet clear and only time tell.

Coming across like a metal mongrel, there’s death and thrash, heavy and hard flavours of rock mixed with screaming and shouty, rambunctious and disorderly vocals. It’s essentially tightly played heavy metal containing ample aggression but with a morsel of melody.

The opening track A.Q.L introduces you to this style with a deathly snarl. There’s a more laid back, melodramatic and theatrical vibe with Unsane, which False Start also shares but in a far more vivacious and dramatic way with vocals that must be performed by a deranged minstrel. Finally, Wide Open shows an obvious Slayer influence and is ultimately more of a tribute than anything else, including those twiddly eastern/egyptian sounding guitars.

On the whole this demo somehow maintains a very British metal sound and feel about it. With songs of a fairly traditional structure but containing a twist of modern inspiration and with discordant vocals that are often throaty and guttural but occasionally baronesque, the combination has shaped the outcome. Although there’s nothing massively original here, it does generate it’s own feeling of character and results in something that has a strangely individual vibe. A worthy mark of progression.

Rigsby (1st May, 2002)
Transcripts From The Downtuned

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Note:  The whole EP is avalable for download (including the artwork) as part of a DIY kit provided on the bands website.

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