Monday 4th November, 2002

The Concorde 2, Brighton, ENGLAND.

Here we go with another tuff guy show, so I packed my wife beater and my XXX baseball cap and took a trip to the Concorde 2.

Having written off Incoherence at yet another Black Fish tuff guy band, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they peddled a more varied style. Evidence of bands such as Shai Hulud and Poison The Well shone through, they came across as being quite nervous but had an incredibly tight sound. Definitely ones to check out.

Next up were Drowning, having never come across them before I guessed they would be pedal to the floor death metal judging from their t-shirts…. and I was right. When done well Death Metal is amazing, bands such as Decapitated and Nile destroy the scene, unfortunately this could not be said of Drowning. I've heard the same old shit like this a million times, heavy bit, fast bit, sludge bit, another fast bit, its basically comes down to metal by numbers. All in all, incredibly boring.

Born from Pain, NYHC, boring, boring, ploddy, chuggy, rubbish. If you're into the likes of Madball and Merauder then they'd be right up your street, but I'm not, quite frankly I'd rather eat candy floss and listen to emo than submit my ears to this turgid bullshit. The front of the stage looks like a Karate competition, all kung fu kicks and windmills, by this time I am pissing myself laughing.

Hatebreed are currently enjoying a bit of mainstream coverage thanks to signing to Universal and featuring on the XXX soundtrack. After playing as part of the Ozzfest it is obvious that this band have matured into quite a fearsome live machine. Hatebreed are one of the better metalcore bands, although once again they're not really my bag. All in all this whole night was a bit of a let down, standing in the bar afterwards it was obvious some people liked it, but there is a shitload of better bands out there. If you want real quality metalcore check out the likes of Eighteen Visions.

4/10 - Dan Burton (4th November, 2002)

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