Slavestate, Mindlapse, The Bardo and Tenebrae
Wednesday 15th February, 2001 @ The Charlotte, Leicester.
Another very quiet night at the Charlotte.  This was billed as a Kerrang! Mini-fest with six bands playing, and as well as the bands listed above there was also Throat and Zerotonin on the bill, but I never stayed to watch them.   It was the usual problem, a very low turnout of about 50 people which included the other bands.  This meant that there was no atmosphere and the bands playing weren't motivated (maybe even pissed off).  I apologise in advance for the negative comments in this review, but it was honestly the way the evening left me.

The opening band was Tenebrae who I have seen before and they weren't included in the original billing (so must of been a late inclusion or substitution), because if I had known they were playing I would of turned up half a hour later.  I have never said this about any other band, but this lot are terrible and should not be playing to a paying audience (they need to practice a lot more and learn to play the instruments), as they were embarrassingly bad.   That is all I am going to say about them.

Next was Mindlapse, who again I have seen before (the third time), and they delivered their usual set, to their usual standard, with the usual reaction.  Their mix of death and doom styles, often results in ponderous and unexciting metal and just continually fails to excite any interest in me.   Sorry, it's probably just down to me, but it doesn't help when every time I see them they are so bloody miserable.  Cheer up for fuck sake!  I was even going to talk to the band before they went on stage, but judging from the scowl I received from vocalist when I said "Hi", I wasn't welcome and so I didn't.

Slavestate were up next and they were by far the best tonight.  They came across as being interested in what they were doing, having some passion and talent and producing a set worthy of listening to.   Their approach is a heavily death influenced sound and I could appreciate that there is the potential of a good band lurking here.  I enjoyed watching this band and even though it isn't a sub-genre I feel particularly comfortable with, I wouldn't mind seeing them again.  I believe they will be back on the up coming TotalRock sponsored Napalm Death tour in April and they are well worth catching.

The last band I had the patience to watch was The Bardo.  If I could've managed to get over the blinding ego's from this 3-piece band and ignore the constant bitchy comments levelled at the meagre crowd (yes us, the poor sods who got off their arses and paid to come and watch this!) and also the other bands(!), I might of been able to appreciate something from their generic rock.  But I didn't, so I couldn't!

By the end of that set, it was getting on for midnight and I was tired and had pretty well seen enough.  I had been there since 8:30 and was getting a little despondent.  But in all seriousness, there was such a poor attendance here tonight that I can understand the bands getting frustrated.  On the other hand, I was a paying member of the audience and the performance I received from most of the bands was second-rate at best.  So, a disappointing night all round really.   Oh well.