(Undergroove Records - UGCD008)

Released during September (2003) on the impressive Undergroove Records, Boston's 27 are totally different to anything else to be found on the label.  Sharing with the likes of Johnny Truant, Charger, 3 Stages Of Pain, Cubic Space Division and The Murder Of -  all exponents of innovative and hard hitting metal - 27 are clearly not a metal band and arguably play little music that could even be classed as conventional rock.

Contributing wonderful open-mindedness and as refreshing as it is to hear something a little different, you definitely have to be in the right mood to listen to 27.  You need to be on top of the world, incredibly happy and exceedingly content with your lot, as this album oozes depression; it’s so very downbeat and makes REM or Type O Negative sound like party bands.  The music is a mix of styles loosely based around rock but ranging from folk (“One More Tomorrow”) to country (“Trouble Heart”) to arty (“Sky Walker”) to hippy (“9 Mile Burn”), even to bizarre nursery rhyme (“Animals on the Farm”), but always played in the most serene manner possible.

Think of Bjork feeding barbiturates to Suzan Vega while they do karaoke to Peter Gabriel and you’ll get the idea.  It’s gloomy and desolate female vocals which create an atmosphere that is placid, tranquil, lazy but moody and exposes an experimental auditory backdrop of enchanting songs filled with imperceptive lyrics.  An interesting album, but one in reality that is unlikely to get played more than a couple of times…

Rigsby  (2nd January, 2004)

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