(Earache Records)

Australia's Berkerker cough up another melting pot of huge hardcore beats and goregrind. Album opener 'Disregard' smashes out of your stereo and punches you square in the jaw. The Berzerker himself originally started out doing DJ slots at Techno raves until Earache commissioned him to remix a couple of Morbid Angel tracks for the 'Hellspawn' compilation and the result was simply mind blowing.

The second of Berzerker's Earache releases ups the ante tenfold. Now with a full band behind him, the album has a far more organic feel to it. It's hard to believe but those industrial drumbeats are the work of a human drummer who is currently being investigated for entry into The Guinness Book of Records. Album highlights include the grooving grind of 'Betrayal' and the simply crushing 'No One Wins'. The aforementioned Carcass are represented here in the form of a cover of 'Corporal Jigsore Quandry'. It fits nicely into the album and shows just how timeless that band was. Along with Nile and Decapitated these Australian monsters are pushing Death Metal into the 21st Century.

8/10 - Dan Burton (28th September, 2002)
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