(Rocket Science - IT0003)

Get a picture of Hide Park and the Stones, of Glastonbury with Hendrix, think kaftans, of tie-die tops, rows of colourful beads, headbands, long unkempt hair and the smell of cannabis wafting round about. It gives you an idea of the atmosphere created by Bulletproof Electric Revue on their funktastic self-titled debut album.

This is retro, made up of those old style psychedelic rock sounds from before even my time! That whole late 60’s, early 70’s kind of Bowie, Mark Bolan/T-Rex and Blind Faith hippies rock. There’s layers of lazy stoned fuzzy guitar, that are light not heavy but beaten into rhythm with a funky groove.

A sonic attack, sharing elements of Hawkwind, full of twiddly, spacey kind of sounds, electronic noises and saxophone that float in and out of focus. If you’re listening to this without the aid of a bong you may not be getting the most out of it and may even think, "Hey, man this would be an excellent soundtrack to Easy Rider".

As almost a contrariety to the 60/70 hippie vibe, there’s also inclusion of polished brass sections that would bring the Blues Brothers to the party, as well as an occasional up beat and dirty blues sound that’s mixed into the incursions of horns.

As the morning after dawns on you and your senses cut through the smell of stale smoke, it’s unclear just whom this album would actually appeal to. Surly the younger generations just won’t get it and the old timers would probably refer back to their originals, but of course it could appeal to them all. It could appeal to everyone that’s just after a good time with no strings, to those that just want to listen and drift into the ether. Now, I want my free love, man!

Rigsby (24th September, 2002)
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