(Casket Music - CSK035)


01. SOUL SICKNESS (4:11) MP3
PILL (3:26) MP3
03. REWAKENING (4:09)
04. TWISTED (4:21)
05. SCARRED (3:17)
06. TO DIE INSIDE (4:22)
07. IN TO THE BLACK (3:58) MP3

FR8 "In Cold Blood" Mini-LP

Length:  27:45 (min:secs)
Released: 28th February, 2004

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Northeast England metal band FR8 (pronounced Freight) present “In Cold Blood”, a mini-album recorded at the Philia Studios, Henley on Thames and splendidly produced/engineered by Dan Turner (Cradle of Filth, Napalm Death).

They generate a very powerful barrage of brutal sounds, with driving heavy guitars and rough growling vocals, and through some merciless thundering passages, they blast out an uncompromising mix of hardcore and metal.  It’s quite detectable that there are a number of strong influences at work, such as Slayer, Sepultura, Metallica, Soilwork and even Maiden.

“Soul Sickness” is awesomely crushing, heavy metalcore, with a piecing attitude and hard hitting power, a rumbling bass line and crunching guitars, they relentlessly blister their way through the song. “Pill” shows a greater bias to chugging metal that thunders along gloriously. “Rewakening” has some searing riffs which take on the booming drums, and “Scarred” and “To Die Inside” follow in a similar style. Finishing with “In To The Black”, which throws a nod to a more traditional thrash sound and that comes across a little Metallica-ish in parts.

A good effort overall, but the vocals are best when growled as they are tuneless when sung (as featured in “Twisted” and “In To The Black”), and more variety would be nice as the songs become a little samey over the 30 minutes. However, these are small criticisms for a band that have shown very solid beginnings.

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