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It's about time the UK had a band capable of giving the likes of Discordance Axis a run for their money. The Kevorkian Solution formed from the ashes of other lesser known grindcore bands around the Sheffield area. Invokation(randomselector 4.8), their first release, is a melting pot of spazzy grind and extended white noise interludes.

Although the album is over an hour long it never gets boring. The time changes are reminiscent of bands such as Dillinger Escape Plan, complete with more jazzy breakdowns and the aforementioned white noise interludes bring in influences as varied as Merzbow, Aphex Twin and Roni Size. Random samples ranging from weird TV samples to speeches by historical figures really break up the proceedings. The real gem though is the twenty plus minutes of track 21, aptly titled 'workout', and it really is a workout. It's an incendiary amalgamation of DJ Hype, The Avalanches and the aforementioned Merzbow.

This CD really is a pleasure to listen to, grindcore can be a very limited style and TKS are breathing new life into an ever-stagnating scene.

9/10 - Dan Burton (28th September, 2002)
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