1. Bloated   2. Hammer  3. Stabbed   4. Arsonist  5. Alpha   6. 9Bar
7. Spastic  8. Megalith   9. Bad Loser

Released on 28th January, 2002 through Undergroove Records
Recorded at Phila Studios, Henley on Thames
Engineered and mixed by Dave Chang
Guest vocal by
Paul Catton (Medulla Nocte) on Stabbed.


"…looks like we've given birth
to the mother of all turds
sing along if you know the words
satan first second third…"

This is fucking barbaric; it’s truculent, ferocious, and inhuman. It’s music gone feral, a euphoric intensity that’s exhilaratingly Neanderthal…

That’s the nearest your going to get to any description of this band’s sound (a fucking noise is the other). The similarity to any sub-genre, pigeon hole or trend would be so remote it simply wouldn’t help.

An album presenting nine gobs of disquiet, combining to expose a brutal confrontation of noise. A barrage of drums, guitars, screaming and growling vocals, not necessarily playing a tune, but creating a sound that removes all self-respect and mercilessly rapes your ears. Merging evil heavy riffs, vigorous and intricate bass and drum rhythms into extreme, death and hardcore styles that completely melt your sense of reasoning – you can’t put a label on this lot.

Featuring vocals that are designed to butcher, that contains lyrics you can’t even follow with the lyric sheet – pure class. The lyrics are actually an experience on their own, having words and phrases arranged in places that surprise and like a piece of modern art are left to your own interpretation. They are microcosms of the evil dark places that exist in Dom Lawson’s head. Very eerie.

The songs are short, sharp and to the point with very little in the way of elaboration, just down to business, inexhaustibly destructive noisecore. They come thick and fast, with ‘Bloated’ and ‘Hammer’ being massive tracks, ‘Stabbed’ featuring additional vocals from Paul Catton (Medulla Nocte), the exemplar ‘Megalith’ and the explodingly awesome ‘Bad Loser’. But, maybe it’s not really about the individual tracks, it’s more about the encounter with the whole angry and demonic performance.

When this album ends, there’s the sound of wind rushing through your mind, blowing tumble grass across an empty landscape, accompanied occasionally by pieces of litter that pickup pace and float with clouds of dust in the air. Quite simply, everything nice about you has left town. You feel violated, used, abused, desecrated, aurally shafted – but the really weird thing is – you hunger for more!!

"…let's start at the beginning
fucked up awakening
this is not my life
tonight I am a useless shit
get these fucks away from me
invading my space with insanity…"

Rigsby (22nd February, 2002)
Transcripts From The Downtuned

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