'Dreaming In Splendour'     
(Promo EP CD) 
Mithras are a 3-piece band that are based in Warwickshire, England and consist of Leon Macey (Guitars/Drums), Steve Crompton (Guitars) and Rayner Cross (Bass\Vocals). They have been in existence since 1998, previously called Imperator, but switched the name about 18 months ago (due to a reformation of a band with the same name in Poland!).  Their style is explicitly in the brutal death-metal camp with this self financed promotion EP, which contains three tracks.
The CD features the tracks 'Vae Solis', 'Dreaming In Splendour' and 'Wrath Of God'.

The first two tracks I found very similar to one another (indeed the second seemed like a extension of the first, it could be part two) and were very fast and intense statements of death with continual fast double bass drum work.  The drums sounding electronic at times and somehow seemed fast for the sake of being fast along with the guitars that, like a bubbling cauldron are always on the boil. The gruff, gravely, shouty vocals add to a very hardcore ensemble of death extremism.

The last track, Wrath Of God, was to me the best of the three, had a lot of character and rang true to the epic sound and themes of ancient spirituality that the band promote.  This is definitely the way (I personally) would love their sound to continue on their planned album.

Mithras - Dreaming In Splendour Promo EP Cover
I have found that this isn't a sub-genre that I find easy to get along with musically, and this collection of brutal death metal is no exception.  I can however, appreciate the intensity and brutal quality of the style and understand where people get their enjoyment from.  Mithras are definitely at the extreme and experimental end of spectrum and I think their full length album should prove interesting and be something to look forward to.

For details of this recording or the full album which needs label/distributor interest, you can contact Mithras, c/o Leon Macey at 116 Murray Road, Rugby, Warwickshire, England, CV21 3JR, United Kingdom or via email.

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Rigsby (16 April 2001)

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