Artist: "Pitchshifter"

Album: "" From the deep booming bass drum of the opening song "MICROWAVED" and the massively distorted guitar sound mixed with fused break-beats, you know this band are something different!


In a world that can only be described as being made up of a "homogeneous culture", pitchshifter have created another slab of music that equally matches the world into which it was born.

If you are looking for the archetypal rock band then look elsewhere. This album is a blend of the hardcore from very different genre; industrial, punk and straight-up metal to extreme techno, trip-hop and drum 'n' bass, all mixed in their own unique style on each and every song. Exciting and intense.

If all that is not enough, the lyrical content is intelligent and inevitably makes a strong statement. They just want people to realise what's going on, an attitude that comes from their punk roots.

The futility of 'PLEASE SIR' - "Please sir tell me why my life's so pitiful but the future's so bright.  Well I'd look ahead but it burns my retinas."  The modern thought-process 'WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?' - "What's in it for me, me, me? ('cause that's what really matters)." And self-doubt 'GENIUS' - "If dysfunction is our function (and if we learn by our mistakes) then I must be some kind of genius."

Overall, the four-piece band from Nottingham, England have produced an excellent collection of their latest songs. An album that gives energy, power and intensity, adds the order of technology but slams out the anarchy of rock, embalmed with a message.  They have even included fifty free samples for you to steal and use in your own music!

Rigsby (v1.0). Rated 9/10

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