(Sanctuary Records)

Side projects have a habit of developing into something more serious, Superjoint Ritual was originally formed as one for Phil Anselmo as a distraction from Pantera (along with Down, Necrophagia, Viking Crown and Southern Isolation over the years), but now this is the band he always wanted to be in.

This is their second album - normally a critical time for a band, particularly after an awesome debut album "Use Once and Destroy" in 2002 - and they will have to raise the bar once again.  Fortunately, with the members of the band all having vast experience and knowing how to write good songs, they haven’t disappointed with "A Lethal Dose of American Hatred".

Right from the opener "Sickness" with its in-your-face thrashing to the grinding sinuses of closing number “Absorbed Black Moody”, it’s obvious that they have not only picked up where they left off but then gone on to improve and expand a sound that is so powerful and demonic and damn heavy. Taking the essence of thrash and infusing it with deliberately plodding sections that haunt before thrusting into metal grooves so deep you could hide buildings in them.

With this album, they should managed to cement a place in most metal fans hearts with some real quality songs and have proved that there is simply no substitute for experience.

Rigsby  (2nd January, 2004)

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