(Undergroove Records - UGCD020)


01. MONOLITH PART 000 (4:34)
MONOLITH PART 001 (4:24)
MONOLITH PART 002 (2:04)
MONOLITH PART 003 (3:50)
MONOLITH PART 004 (2:38)
07. MONOLITH PART 005 (2:31)
08. MONOLITH PART 006 (4:13)
09. SIXTEEN (6:52)

Length:  37:57 (min:secs)
Released: 31st January, 2005



Twin Zero Live

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Breathe in deep that early morning air - it’s fresh, it stimulates your senses, invigorating - it opens your eyes to the new day’s blank canvas and with it the prospect of something new. Breathe in Twin Zero… for its even better!  But it's what you'd expect to happen when you take seven luminaries from bands such as The Blueprint, earthtone9, Vex Red, Bodybug, Subvert and Sack Trick and lock them in a home studio with two years worth of material. That got you interested? Well it damn well should do!

This isn’t twelve, four minute tracks consisting of a verse, bridge and melodic chorus, this isn’t your normal metal composition… this is molten metal twisted around a crystal of ice. Dripping with brutal force while moist with subtleties, this is an album that imparts the most when listened uninterrupted from start to finish. Nine tracks that lead you through an engrossing, dark and sinister voyage, which visits many a favourite port whilst managing to discover a few places rarely before chartered - some of which are unexpectedly in calm and tranquil waters. The feeling is moody and edgy; a mounting atmosphere projected in landscape, epic songs joined by a liquid continuity that assaults then comforts. 

Many factors have combined to make this album quite special, not least of all the distinctive and emotive vocals of Karl Middleton as well as the astonishing creativity of the much under-rated Reuben Gotto. They have all come together to make 'Monolith' a grown up album, one for the mind in addition to the heart, and one that you will definitely want to savour.

12345678910 - Rigsby  (15th January, 2005)