(Black Balloon Records - BLNCD006)

Incredibly releasing music since 1994, WE originate from Oslo in Norway but they are not a name that will mean anything to most, despite this being their eleventh release to date, they have seemingly failed to make too much of an impact outside their Scandinavian homelands.

Not really a full album with less than thirty minutes of music, more a mini album or EP, there are just four proper songs - “Zuzu-Intro” and “tsoL daorssorC dnuoF” are just sound FX and loops used for interlude tracks.  They play a mix of traditional hard rock and meandering space rock, with a little blues thrown in for good measure.

“Kickin” opens with something very close to a Deep Purple riff from “Woman From Tokyo” and some of the worse lyrics possible - it would seem to be about ‘kicking your teeth in’ (must of lost a lot in translation?). “R 'n' R (I Put My Life...)” is a hard and raw bluesy number with a guitar solo that stinks of The Groundhogs played by John Lee Hooker with a Bad Co kind of vibe as well as some fine female backing vocals. “Last Crossroad Found” begins a more determined move towards the spacey ambience with some suitably floating wow-wowed guitars and wrapped up in a bluesy Black Crows mood. Finally, “Freak Capital Of The Universe” is long, trippy, sounds like a cover of a Hawkwind song and doesn’t really need any further description - think of almost anything from Space Ritual and you’ll have the idea.

Drawing almost entirely from the seventies with mixed results, this one’s for those that like their rock traditional and/or cosmic and don’t mind hearing blatant rehashes of songs and styles from that period.  If you want originality or innovation, then maybe you’ll need to look elsewhere…

Rigsby  (13th January, 2004)

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