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They have influences like Spineshank, Limp Bizkit, Deftones and Incubus, but this is a band that definitely have their own sound.  Autonomy are a 5-piece that hail from Daventry in Northamptonshire and were formed in 1998 with the intention of shaking-up the sleepy local scene.  Objective achieved, in fact they have done such a good job of making an impact that they soon landed themselves a deal with Earache Records and we look forward to an debut album release in spring/summer of 2001.
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The band consists of:

Jay Spencer (vocals)
Matt Cosentino (guitar)
Richard Bradley (drums)
Paul Harrison (bass)
and new recruit
Oliver Eldershaw (vocals).

Terry Muller, an originating member and vocalist left at the end of 2000 to focus on other things, and I have yet to experience Oliver's contributions. 

Back on the recording front, they currently have two demo's available:

Autonomy Demo (1) (March 1999) with tracks - Zany, But I Thought..., Asphyxia, Dummy and Impotence
S/K/N/S Demo (2) (Oct 1999) with tracks - S/K/N/S, A Feeling Undescribable and But I Thought... (both CD's available through their website).
I have been extremely impressed with the "S/K/N/S" demo CD and you can read my feeling and descriptions of it by clicking the link below (also details of how to get hold if it).  

Their sound is essentially a rapcore-metal mix with heavy groove beats that interact with (at times very) fast-paced vocal raps.  "S/K/N/S" is considered to be one of their defining moments and features a greater depth of vocal styles and some very heavy, awesome riffing.  It's a good song that definitely leaves you wanting to hear more.

Autonomy are also a band that loves to play live, they have a constant schedule of dates booked and have played along side the likes of Medulla Nocte, Vacant Stare, Miocene, Underule and Raging Speedhorn.  So, a band worth checking out?  Definitely Yes.  I managed to catch them live a while back and reviewed that gig at the The Dun Cow, Daventry which was a cracker.

Demo Review:  "S/K/N/S" Demo CD
Live Review:     Saturday 25th November, 2000 @ The Dun Cow, Daventry

Band email:     matt-cos@autonomy.greatxscape.net.
Band website:  www.autonomy1.com