i-DEF-i “In The Light Of A New Day” Album
Their official debut full length release, promoted to parent label Copro Records during April 2007.

i-DEF-i “Bloodlust Casualty” Mini-Album
Their first release on Casket Music during February 2006.

i-DEF-i “A Curse Beneath The Surface" EP
Limited edition six-track EP that was recorded during Nov 2004 - features four new songs and two from Aug 2004 sampler.

i-DEF-i “August 2004" Sampler
This is a taste of the latest from this exciting Manchester based rock band in the guise of a two track sampler.

i-DEF-i "SEPTEMBER 2002" Demo
A four track demo recorded with the help of Mark Daghorn who produced, engineered and mixed the EP.

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