Kevin Stapleton - Bass
Chris Marygold - Guitars
Kevin Frost - Drums
Steve Watson - Guitars
Bloody Kev - Vocals

Loudspeaker (OHM007CD)
Release date:
20th May, 2002
Produced:  Johnny Carter & Paul Yeadon
Recorded at: Pristine Studios, Nottingham

HELVIS  'Reverence The Sacrifice'

1. Circle Of Trees  2. 15 Sticks
3. Snail Speech  4. Black Discharge
5. Nothing's Changed  6. Underkill
7. Stolen By Idiots  8. Eight Men Down
9. Fast Forward  10. Hard To Swallow
11. Filthy Murder Shack
12. Shallow Be Thy Grave 13. Hand Of Glory
14. Dead Inside  15. Tenebrae

Helvis are a band that is based out of Nottingham who has been together in one guise or another for four years now. More like a rock `n` roll collective than simply a band in the purist form, it’s made up of most of the people who have been in or around the local hardcore scene. With what can only be termed as a ‘fluid’ line-up over the years, people seem to feature as and when convenient for live shows. The bands that members have also been associated with come across as a veritable who’s who of hardcore and include Hard To Swallow, Dead Inside, 666 Dead, Iron Monkey, Consumed, Cerebral Fix and The Varukers.

Definitely with an old school, DIY, underground punk ethic there have been a number of self released demo’s produced since 1999, as well as an EP on Weird Records and most recently of all, their intense debut full length LP - Reverence The Sacrifice - on Loudspeaker Records during 2002. There have also been tracks featured on Now That's What I Call Terror (18), Loudspeaker’s Speech Lessons For The Dumb and Organ’s Smack My Gorilla Head Off (16) compilations.

On the gig front, they have played live shows with bands such as Hard To Swallow, The Varukers and Sweep The Leg Johnny, but the most notorious was the first Helvis gig which was performed at Whispers night club in Nottingham with sixhundredandsixtysixdead. Remembered as the legendary "six minutes of shame" – as that was how long the set lasted - certain drunken members don't even remember doing a show that night! There show can be described as being what rock n roll should be all about - 100% anarchic excess - and was perfectly demonstrated during their recent set for the Notts Morrowfest tribute, which on this occasion featured Gords Holmes on vocals who performed an absolute blinder. Don’t miss these guys live, they know how to put on a really good show!

(AUG, 2002)

(Self Released CDR/Cassette)
Release Date: 13th May, 2001
Produced: Chris Neary
Recorded: Thumb Studios, Nottingham

Helvis - For Her Pleasure

1. Underkill  2. Five Speed Super Chair
3. Same Bitch, Different Face
4. Fake Biology, Fake Religion
5. Tenebrae/24 Men


(Self Released CDR/Cassette)
Release date: 13th Dec, 2000
Produced:  Chris Neary
Recorded at: Thumb Studios, Nottingham

helvis_SIX MINUTES OF SHAME_s.jpg (6843 bytes)

1. Wrapped In Plastic 2. Black Discharge
3. Snail Speech 4. Stolen By Idiots
5. Hand Of Glory


(Self financed CDR/Cassette)
Release date: 13th October,
Produced:  Chris Neary
Recorded at: Thumb Studios, Nottingham

HELVIS - Disgracelands Demo

1. Shallow Be Thy Grave 2. Dead Man's Hand
3. Bred From Tha' Past 4. Underkill
5. Tenebrae/24 Men


Weird Records (Weird 013)
Release Date: Jan, 1999
Produced: Ben Lappin
Recorded Rubber Biscuit Studios, Nottingham

Helvis - Genocider EP

1. Genocider  2. Church Of Satan
3. Time to Kill  4. Whole Lotta Old Rosie
5. Alright Boys

Helvis - Bloody Kev

Helvis - Live


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