Robert Newson - Vocals
Marcus Richardson - Bass
Nev Taylor - Guitar, Backing Vocals
James Burt - Drums

Landmine Spring (cira 2000) UNTITLED DEMO EP
(self financed)

1. Done And Dusted  2. Judas Mirror
3. Fireground  4. Human Flies

Originally formed near the beginning of 1999 by a bunch of blokes from Brighton, who decided to take the title of a Quicksand song and use it as the name for the band. And so it was that Landmine Spring was born. After an intense period of writing, rehearsing and then giging with Medulla Nocte and Snub among others, the demands of a growing and dedicated following resulted in their first recording.

Initially an unreleased/untitled demo EP was the result, but following soon after containing three new songs and one old favourite was the Trepanning EP which was recorded at Philia Studios in Henley and released in May 2000 on Casket Music (CSK002). Produced by Dave Chang the 4-track EP achieved a KKK status in Kerrang!  The success of the recording instigated more and more touring with bands such as Tribute To Nothing, Earthtone9, Pist.on, Raging Speedhorn, Clutch and Candiria.

Siting such influences as Helmet, Quicksand and Prong, it was always going to be interesting to see what sort of an animal they would create for their full-length debut album. The animal was Elephantine, which was once again recorded at Philia Studios and produced/mixed by Dave Chang. However, this time a deal was struck with the new dynamic label Loudspeaker Records (OHM001CD) who released the album during May 2001.

After receiving huge attention from most of the mainstream press including Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Rock Sound and Terrorizer, and despite having a Spinal Tap-like appetite for drummers (losing both Darren and then Jason), the band only seem to be going from strength to strength. And now recruiting new drummer James Burt (from late evil barbaric neanderthals - Matter) one can only see things getting better!

(AUG, 2002)

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Casket Music (Csk002CD)
Release Date: 16th May, 2000
Produced and Mixed:  Dave Chang

Landmine Spring - Trepanning EP

1. Down The River  2. Trepanning
Fourteen Degrees  4. Human Flies


Loudspeaker Records (OHM001CD)
Release date: 14th May, 2001
Produced and Mixed:  Dave Chang
Mastered: Tim Turan at Turan Audio

Landmine Spring - Elephantine

1. The Jaded And The Eager   2. Maggots
3. Doctrine  4. Tarred and Feathered  5. 128
6. These Wicked Days  7. Ophelia Sinking 
8. Dirty Water  9. Unhinged  10. D.A.V.


Various Artists
Speech Lessons For The Dumb
Loudspeaker Records (OHM006CD)
Release date: 11th Feb, 2002

Various Artists - Speech Lessons For The Dumb

1. Ophelia Sinking  2. Tarred and Feathered