Saturday 6th June, 2009 @ King George V Playing Fields, Hereford, ENGLAND.

Miasma Theory


With the unenviable task of following The Electric Blues Reaction, I felt some empathy during the initial spattering of laughter and slightly embarrassed as the majority of the crowd left when with screaming/shouting vocals Miasma Theory began their set of youthful, hardcore-metal flavoured pop-punk. It was left up to what looked like their travelling entourage of under 15 year olds to try and make a go of it.

The band was made up of six teenage lads who were obviously inexperienced but should have been full of energy and passion. Throughout, it was difficult to make out what the songs were like as it just melded into a jumbled noise of drums and shouting, but I was prepared to let things settle down and give them a chance to impress. However, the band seemed beaten before they started, showed a lack of enthusiasm and on an occasion when they needed to perform the set of their lives to turn the audience around, it seemed they’d opted not to bother.  I am sure this was down to a number of reasons and was not helped by poor sound, but things finally came to a end when the festival security who’d already been discouraging the kids from dancing (they didn’t seem to understand how a metal crowd reacts to a band), had to respond to the actions of one particularly irresponsible child (who went that one step too far and cause someone physical injury). Sadly, the result was that a fledgling mosh pit was stopped in its tracks and the last of any remaining enthusiasm stifled. I doubt this set was a good experience for anyone.


Review and Photos by Dave Yates